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Jack and the Beanstalk

“Upbeat and fun-filled”

A traditional panto brimming with feel-good vibes, laughter and festive goodwill, Aldershot’s Jack and the Beanstalk boasts a cast of familiar faces who deliver polished and perky performances.

Tom Capper’s Russell Brand-style Fleshcreep is particularly entertaining, insulting the audience with with a hint of dandyish flirtation. A little bit of politics also (Flesh)creeps in amusingly when he labels Fairy Flora (Kluane Saunders) a “snowflake” and later deceives Jack and his brother Silly Billy into selling him their cow with the line: “I’m very posh and posh people can be trusted.”

Robert Hopkins, as Silly Billy, and Donovan Christian Cary, as his mum Dame Dotty Trott, are a wacky double act, constantly engaging with the audience and encouraging them to join in with the merriment (the audience member they pick on throughout the show gives a masterclass in sportsmanship).

Dancer Isaiah Mallet really stands out. He’s this panto’s Billy Elliot. Not only does he have the moves, he’s also full of personality and enthusiasm, delivering a star turn in an ensemble role.

The star of the show is Bryn Lucas’ Jack. He excels as the lazy but charming hero, who greets the audience with a Joey Tribbiani-style “How you doin’?” His interludes with his sweetheart Rose (Rachel Lea-Gray), in which they pay tribute to Titanic, are especially endearing.

Rather than hitching its success on a star name, Aldershot’s festive offering is all about quality. It might not be the most innovative of shows, but it doesn’t pretend to be – fun is the most important factor and on that it certainly delivers.

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Production Details
Production nameJack and the Beanstalk
VenuePrinces Hall Theatre
StartsDecember 6, 2019
EndsDecember 31, 2019
Running time2hrs 30mins
AuthorJames Barry
DirectorRobert Hopkins
Set designerEvolution Productions
Lighting designerKevin Adams
Sound designerJamie Mclaughlin
CastBryn Lucas, Donovan Christian Cary, Kluane Saunders, Rachel Lea-Gray, Tom Capper
ProducerRobert Hopkinss
VerdictTraditional, upbeat and fun-filled panto with polished performances
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Catherine Usher

Catherine Usher

Catherine Usher

Catherine Usher

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