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“Bold, funny and beautifully poignant”

The vignettes in Two provide a blink-and-you-miss-it glimpse into couples’ lives, forging connections between different relationships as a commentary on the complex nature of love.

The New Vic version of Jim Cartwright’s 1989 dark comedy is bold and often funny, though sometimes nuance is lost in all the exuberance. Under Ruth Carney’s direction, the play has been given a distinctly local flavour: Samantha Robinson’s landlady greets the regulars as “duck” while Jimmy Fairhurst’s landlord repeats drinks orders in a Potteries accent.

Lis Evans’ well-designed set provides the look and feel of an ageing pub, though the eclectic mix of tunes from the jukebox makes the time period difficult to place. A circular bar allows for delivery in-the-round while authentic-looking tables and stools hold the costumes and accessories used to transform Robinson and Fairhurst into 14 different personas.

Though some characters remain faintly drawn, others are occasionally overstated and veer into caricatures, such as Fairhurst’s lascivious Liverpudlian, Moth. Elsewhere, however, Fairhurst convincingly captures the slow speech patterns of old age and the terrifying insecurity at the heart of a relationship defined by coercive control.

After such a fleeting look at other interactions, it’s nice to linger in the bar at closing time with the landlord and landlady. Careful silences provide the space to read deeper into the characters’ words and video footage provides a touching snapshot into their life before the bickering took hold. Though the production sometimes lacks emotional depth and subtlety, the final scene is affecting and sincere.

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Production Details
Production nameTwo
VenueNew Vic Theatre
LocationNewcastle upon Tyne
StartsJanuary 31, 2020
EndsFebruary 22, 2020
Running time2hrs
AuthorJim Cartwright
DirectorRuth Carney
Set designerLis Evans
Costume designerLis Evans
Lighting designerSally Ferguson
Sound designerJames Earls-Davis
Casting directorAnji Carroll
CastJimmy Fairhurst, Samantha Robinson
Stage managerSteve Hall
ProducerNew Vic Theatre
VerdictBrash revival of Jim Cartwright’s two-hander featuring a beautifully poignant final scene
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Natalie Douglas

Natalie Douglas

Natalie Douglas

Natalie Douglas

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