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Digital Theatre strikes deal on BBC Shakespeare archive

David Tennant in Hamlet Photo: BBC David Tennant in Hamlet Photo: BBC
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Digital Theatre Plus has announced a new partnership with the BBC’s resources archive, which will see Shakespeare performances from actors including Helen Mirren and David Tennant featured on its platform.

BBC Active will provide Digital Theatre’s education arm with around 70 titles, spanning 30 years of recorded theatre and theatrical commentary. These will become available to users of the online platform in the coming months.

The full BBC Shakespeare collection will be available, featuring performances from actors including Mirren, Anthony Hopkins, Alan Rickman and Tennant.

The library will also include supporting documentaries on world theatre history.

Digital Theatre co-founder Robert Delamere said: “We are delighted to be able to welcome the BBC titles to the Digital Theatre family and make its world-class content accessible to our millions of school, college and university subscribers around the world.”

It is hoped that the partnership with the BBC will also expand to include audio resources alongside the video library.

BBC Active’s Jeremy Wilcox described the partnership as an “fantastic opportunity to make the BBC’s content accessible to more than three million teachers and students from 1,000 institutions in 55 countries”.

Digital Theatre Plus also recently announced a nine-year deal with education specialists DramaWorks which will also provide resources for the platform’s users.

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