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Enjoy life in the fast lane with Berkley London’s unrivalled luxury chauffeur service

Gary Parravani

Sometimes, in theatre, only the best will do. The best script, the best director, the best designer, the best technology, and the best actors and musicians to bring it all to life. And for those performers, those stars that light up stage and screen, only the most consistent, reliable and luxurious transport option will do. That’s where Berkley London – the capital’s most bespoke chauffeur service – comes in.

“Here at Berkley, we believe that consistency is key, reliability is essential and luxury is simple,” says Berkley London’s director of marketing and sales Mark Butterfield. “Berkley began as a dream – a dream to be the pinnacle of transport. We set out to offer a service providing exceptional and bespoke chauffeuring and concierge services. Our unique fleet of vehicles and specialised team of elite chauffeurs ensure an unrivalled service for all your transport needs.”

Berkley London’s fleet really is unrivalled. Not only are its vehicles – top-of-the-range Range Rovers – ideal for transferring clients wherever they need to go smoothly, swiftly and securely, they are also custom-designed to provide a uniquely comfortable experience on the journey.

“With Berkley, you can experience a vehicle like no other,” says Butterfield. “Our master-crafted vehicles offer reclining, heated and cooling rear seats and unrivalled legroom. Clients can also indulge in our range of complimentary snacks and refreshments and enjoy our onboard entertainment experience.”

That onboard entertainment experience is something truly special: 13in touch screen monitors installed in every vehicle, allowing clients to lose themselves in the latest blockbusters, to stream their favourite boxset, to compete on inbuilt games consoles, to keep up to date with the news and weather, and to track their next move. There is always something fun to do in a Berkley London vehicle.

It is, says Butterfield, all part of Berkley London’s devotion to providing clients with “true luxury in every aspect”, and it goes hand-in-hand with its carefully selected range of complimentary refreshments, offered throughout the Berkley London experience.

“Our master craftsmen have curated a specialist, chilled minibar to cater to you and your indulgent side,” says Butterfield. “We present you with a seductive selection of the world’s finest craft spirits and beverages, luxurious chocolates, sumptuous snacks and a handful of naturally derived self-care products, all complimentary with every journey.”

And, if all clients want to do is unwind, Berkley can cater for them as well. In-car diffusers suffuse the senses with a unique mix of sandalwood and vanilla, specially formulated to induce relaxation and revitalisation, and the bespoke sleep pack ensures clients experience the ultimate level of comfort when travelling through the night.

‘Our clientele can have complete peace of mind that our drivers offer an impeccable level of service’ – Berkley London’s director of marketing and sales Mark Butterfield

All that luxury is in the rear of the vehicle. In the front, Berkley London’s highly experienced, highly trained team of chauffeurs whisk clients to their destination with outstanding levels of professionalism and precision. This team has a name, too: the Berkley Elite.

“Our team of chauffeurs echoes our meticulous attention to detail in every way,” says Butterfield. “Our clientele can have complete peace of mind that our drivers offer an impeccable level of service. Every chauffeur that is part of the Berkley Elite is put through extensive training, with the client’s safety and comfort our main focus. They are devoted and committed to excellence, and their integrity, experience and manner make them truly unrivalled.”

But Berkley London doesn’t just offer deluxe chauffeuring – it also provides a confidential concierge service, assisting clients with everything from fine dining to world-class theatre. It’s all part of the Our World package.

“Our World is a bespoke service designed to meet all your travel needs,” explains Butterfield. “We harness the world’s leading providers to bring you a range of luxury privileges to create a truly unforgettable experience.”

“Our confidential concierge service removes the stress from travel, offering airport assist services and door-to-door jet transfers, as well as restaurant bookings, theatre tickets and experiences,” he continues. “And with affiliations worldwide, Berkley London can offer a streamlined service, tailored to you, wherever you are. Our clients tell us that we really do represent the pinnacle of transport.”

To discuss what Berkley London can do for you, visit berkley-london.com, or call 0800 234 3311.

Photo: Gary Parravani

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