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Zeus On The Loose

“Fails on practically every level”

The twins Aphrodite and Ilithyia are completely unaware of how powerful they are. So powerful in fact that the mighty Zeus himself could be defeated by the pair and so Hera contrives to separate them. You don’t need a degree in ancient mythology to appreciate Zeus on the Loose, but host Dean Mccullough (in the guise of Apollo) suggests that you might have a few drinks to enjoy the show more. Indeed alcohol may help deaden the pain of this unmitigated disaster of a show.

Producer Emma Rollason has taken Ray Harryhausen’s back catalogue and fused it with burlesque and circus acts in the hope of creating a raunchy, adults-only nightclub show. It fails on practically every level from production through to performance. Rollason’s lifeless script plods through wads of exposition, occasionally interrupted by improvisational moments from Mccullough as the sexually antagonistic host or headliner drag act Vicky Vox as an indomitable Hades.

Penni Tovey as Hera and Michael Afemare as Zeus plough through the script with an enthusiasm that dries up after the first few minutes. Beyond this the musical numbers are embarrassing, even by karaoke standards, and much of the choreography is about as sexy as your average pantomime set.

Even without the technical breakdown in the second act, neither the sound nor the generic animated projections are really up to scratch. Amid all the chaos there is a core of dancers and circus artists who at least seem confident in their routines but otherwise, the direction is ephemeral at best.

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Production Details
Production nameZeus On The Loose
StartsSeptember 25, 2019
EndsOctober 19, 2019
Running time1hr 55mins
AuthorEmma Rollason
DirectorEmma Rollason
ChoreographerAllie Ho Chee, Phyl Cashman
CastDean Mccullough, Michael Afemare, Penni Tovey, Shannen Jones, Vicky Vox
ProducerEmma Rollason, Pandora's Door
VerdictNot so much a raunchy cabaret/burlesque fusion as a Greek tragedy
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Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

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