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Beast Eden Way


Strategic fringe theatre comes to Bracknell with 1157performancegroup’s production of Beast Eden Way at The Bank, a disused bank in the middle of the town’s pedestrian shopping precinct that has been acquired by 1157 on a temporary basis.

It is a comfortable studio space that perfectly suits this dramatic and contemporary piece of theatre. But whilst it is in the heart of suburbia in one of Berkshire’s new towns, real-life suburbia may take longer than the Bank’s current life span to recognise this new performance platform.

Beast Eden Way is the conclusion to a series of work that 1157 has created on suburbia in collaboration with playwright Robin Fulford. Heather and Trevor have moved into a new home and are awaiting the arrival of some friends to their intimate housewarming evening. To express the social values, expectations and concerns of the couple in moving into their new home and all the outside influences that form a part of their new life, there are in effect two separate scripts. The verbal text is presented on the whole as a disembodied voice over and the physical vocabulary expresses the nature of the couple’s relationship in a series of finely executed and choreographed scenes.

Jo Dagless and Matthew Scott work closely as a team to try to personify the fears and emotions of their suburbian existence and the voyeuristic design elements emphasise the nightmarish world of light and shade within their lives.

Production Details
Production nameBeast Eden Way
StartsMay 15, 2007
EndsJune 8, 2007
Running time1hr 10mins
AuthorRobin Fulford
CastJo Dagless, Matthew Scott
Producer1157 performancegroup
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