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Frequently asked questions

New/existing subscriber support

Call +44 (0)1858 438895 Email

How will you acknowledge my order?

An email acknowledgement of your order will be sent to you almost immediately after you place your order. This will confirm the details of your subscription and the address or addresses to which the issues will be sent. Within half an hour, a second email for each subscription will be sent to you with your personal account number and details of when the subscription will start and end.

If I’m giving a gift subscription, do you send anything to the recipient?

Yes, if you have the email address of the recipient we can send an electronic gift card either immediately or on the date of your choice. Also, included in the letter of acknowledgement we send you a greetings card with envelope – so you can write a personal message and send it on to the recipient. If you are buying more than one subscription, you will receive a card and envelope for each one. Because of the Christmas rush, to absolutely guarantee you receive your gift card in time to send it to the recipient, we need to receive your order by December 8.

What is my subscriber number?

Your subscriber number appears on your address label as a 10-digit number, starting 000… Ignore any letters immediately following it. You don’t need to include the leading zeros (e.g. a number of 0000012345 should be quoted as 12345). If you have a gift subscription, or your invoice and delivery addresses are different, you may need to add or subtract 1 from the number on your label. For example, if the number on your label is 0000012345, please quote 12344 or 12346. If you have lost or mislaid your subscriber number, or have other queries, please call our helpline on 01858 438895 or email

How secure are my personal details?

All the information you provide is encrypted using the industry standard SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology so that when you submit the order from the online form, nothing can be read as it travels down the secure line. Your details are then applied to our subscription system, which resides in a completely separate, unlinked area away from our internet pages.

How do I renew my subscription?

Whether you are taking out a subscription for yourself or as a gift, we will send you a reminder before the end of your subscription. Nothing will be sent to the recipient unless the subscription expires. Either complete and return the renewal form you receive with payment, or call our Credit Card hotline on +44 (0)1858 438861.

The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, London. Photo: Noel Foster