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Solomon and Marion

This two-hander set in modern-day South Africa is a microcosm of a society in flux. Written and directed by Baxter Theatre Centre chief and artistic director Lara Foot, it tells the tale of lonely and embittered Marion, who is ready to give up on life – until the unexpected arrival of Solomon, the grandson of her former servant.
The two,...

Abigail's Party

Surprisingly, Abigail’s Party is the first Curve production to be played in the round, following an inspired choice to rip out the seats in the studio space.
Director Suba Das gets full value from the experiment and from a cast in fine form.
Four banks of seating push tightly against David Woodhead’s living room set, which is dominated by a...

Somewhere in England

For a decade-long run that straddled the 1940s, Tommy Handley’s radio series It’s That Man Again kept Britain laughing, broadcasting, as the announcer proclaimed each week, from “somewhere in England”. Except, unbeknown to most of its fans, during wartime it was actually broadcast from Bangor in North Wales, as the cast and a small army of BBC staff were relocated...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 43, 2014




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    Exclusively in the October 16 issue of The Stage
    • “There’s been more drama offstage than on.” Leicester Curve’s outgoing director Paul Kerryson reflects on 23 years at the helm
    • Now or never – when is the right time to give up acting? The argument reaches fever pitch in this week’s The Green Room
    • After 50 years, actor Kenneth Cranham offers his advice: “You keep going as long as you can remember the lines.”
    • Should the arts council pay for London-based critics to travel to regional theatre press nights? Honour Bayes presents her case
    • European theatre is thin on British ground, not least because of the language barrier. Nick Awde meets the programme trying to change that
The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, London. Photo: Noel Foster