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Theatre (Fringe)
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Roy Cohn
Theatre (Fringe)
North West England
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Theatre (Fringe)
North West England
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The Silver Tassie

Sean O’Casey’s dream-like, disjointed 1928 anti-war play was rejected by Yeats’ Abbey Theatre and has rarely been performed since, and on tonight’s showing you can sometimes see why.
There is much to be said for the boldly modern and expressionist style used by O’Casey to tell the infrequently told tale of the Irish First World War experience. But as drama...

Things We Do For Love

Natalie Imbruglia already has a richly varied portfolio of showbiz success – Australian soap star, award-winning pop diva and cinema leading lady opposite Rowan Atkinson – so it is perhaps surprising that this dazzling revival of Alan Ayckbourn’s 1997 dark comedy is her first excursion into UK drama.
Ayckbourn is well known as one of the few British playwright to...

Dorian Gray

Chiefly notable for featuring the stage debuts of the latest two members of the Redgrave and Fox acting dynasties, in Daisy Bevan and Jack Fox, this is an otherwise rather misjudged reworking of Oscar Wilde’s classic novel.
Linnie Reedman, of Ruby in the Dust, has garnished her version with Vaudevillian flourishes and occasional bursts of superfluous song, but it’s not...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 17, 2014




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    Exclusively in the April 24 issue of The Stage
    • Mark Shenton catches up with the Globe artistic  director Dominic Dromgoole
    • Professor Stanley Wells on our debt to Shakespeare
    • We talk to Jasper Britton and Alex Hassell about taking the lead roles in Henry IV Parts 1 and 2
    • Andrew Killian takes a look back in time to explore Elizabethan stage management