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Theatre (Fringe)
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The Life and Times of Mitchell and Kenyon

In these days of selfies and social networking it’s difficult to imagine just how astonishing the achievements of pioneering film makers Sagar Mitchell and James Kenyon must have seemed.
They formed their frequently volatile partnership in the industrial heartland of Blackburn, Lancashire, during the close of the Victorian period when “moving pictures” were becoming “the wonder of the age.” They...

20th Century Boy

There is a feeling of foreboding in the early stages of this new production of 20th Century Boy – a biographical, jukebox musical dedicated to the life and career of Marc Bolan – and it’s not caused by the projections of newspaper cuttings reporting the singer’s death at 29 in a car accident more than 30 years ago.
No, the...

An Intervention

A smart two-hander, An Intervention begins with a drink-fuelled confrontation between A, a young woman who has just been on an anti-war protest, and her best friend, B, who stayed at home. But as they argue about the politics of military intervention, it soon becomes apparent that the underlying point at issue is the man’s new relationship with the offstage...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 17, 2014




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    Exclusively in the April 24 issue of The Stage
    • Mark Shenton catches up with the Globe artistic  director Dominic Dromgoole
    • Professor Stanley Wells on our debt to Shakespeare
    • We talk to Jasper Britton and Alex Hassell about taking the lead roles in Henry IV Parts 1 and 2
    • Andrew Killian takes a look back in time to explore Elizabethan stage management