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Theatre (Musical)
Greater London
Theatre (Musical)
Greater London
Theatre (Musical)
Greater London
Theatre (Musical)
Greater London
Theatre (Musical)
Greater London
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The Nightmares of Carlos Fuentes

Based on a short story by Baghdad-born Hassan Blasim, this play draws our attention to the daily devastation suffered by Iraqis post Saddam Hussain. Razaq tries to boil this enormous issue down into the story of Salim, an Irai immigrant whose attempts to assimilate himself into British culture become increasingly desperate and isolating. His decision to rename himself Carlos Fuentes...

The Story Giant

Big, bold and just a little scary, this production of Brian Patten’s well-loved book has all the right ingredients to intrigue and entertain. Drawing us into a dream world, actors set among the audience begin the story. An imaginatively dressed open set attracts interest, moaning wind effects adding authenticity, as four young people gather beside a huge granite rock on...


Originally intended as a last-minute stopgap when a planned production was dropped from last summer’s programme, Bob Eaton’s Liverpool-angled adaptation of John Godber’s ever-popular comedy has turned out to be an example of one surprise success breeding another instant hit.
Ralph, Les, Judd and Lucky Eric are back. But this time Godber’s quartet of nightclub doormen guarding the gates to...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 30, 2014




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    Exclusively in the July 24 issue of The Stage
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    • Learn how to prep a winning press kit in our new learning and careers section, The Half
    • We find out why versatile Olivier award-winner Sharon D Clarke refuses to be pigeonholed
    • Ever thought about training abroad? Two graduates of Paris' Ecole Jacques Lecoq share their experiences
    • Plus... stage managing Olympic ceremonies: Kate Ramsey gives us the aerial view