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The Trial of Jane Fonda

Underwhelming account of Jane Fonda’s visit to Hanoi in 1972 feels more like history than theatre...

Lovecraft's Monsters

Free solo show about Lovecraft and his horror fiction will leave you feeling unsatisfied...

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

In his bedroom, Brick (Charles Aitken) is drinking and drinking, waiting for the “click” in his head that makes him feel peaceful. “It’s a mechanical thing,” he explains, taking another trip to the liquor cabinet. Tensions are running high in the auditorium too. Big Daddy actor Daragh O’Malley was taken ill late in the afternoon and director James Dacre takes...

Fred and Madge

This, Joe Orton’s first play, looks at the tedium of marriage and everyday life – but it’s not all doom and gloom; Fred and Madge is a riotous satire. From its deadpan Becketian beginnings to its increasingly farcical conclusions you see all of Orton’s wild genius developing minute by minute. It makes for a messy play but a brilliant one...

Fantastic Mr Fox

It opens as a decent but traditional puppet show, with levered stick puppets dancing above an arrangement not unlike a large-scale seaside puppet theatre. Then it quickly morphs into something much spikier and more imaginative, including puppeteers and their puppets dismantling the set and burrowing through it, along with some good auditorium use and audience inclusion.
Dahl’s characteristically subversive tale...

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Hamlet by Harry Venning for week 38, 2014




In memory of Fergal O’Mahony

Fergal O’Mahony wrote the last note of the musical Hallowed Ground last week before he took a trip to Marakesh, and less than a day after his return, Fergal very suddenly passed away on September…

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    Exclusively in the September 18 issue of The Stage
    • As Michael Vine leaves Objective, Matt Hemley clears the smoke and raise the mirrors surrounding the former magician's next trick
    • Manchester's Home theatre plans to open in spring 2015, but it's already in the middle of its first season. Ben East dons his hard hat for a site visit
    • In an extended dance training special edition of The Half, our experts ponder an exacting career, from first shoes to post-career options
    • West End star Kerry Ellis is back in Wicked, the show that made her name. She talks to Mark Shenton
    • As Downton Abbey returns for a fifth season, Maggie Brown talks to the producers about keeping the period drama fresh in the face of constant scrutiny
    • One of the more striking First World War centenary tributes is the poppy installation at the Tower of London. Kat Nugent finds out how Theatre Royal Plymouth's workshops did it
The Orange Tree Theatre in Richmond, London. Photo: Noel Foster