Danny Boyle wants ‘great and good’ to protest over EBacc arts exclusion

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    Danny Boyle has urged his colleagues in the creative industries to fight for the English baccalaureate to include cultural subjects.

    The director spoke out after he and his creative team received the Beyond Theatre award at the London Evening Standard Theatre Awards, for their work on the Olympics opening ceremony.

    Addressing the audience, Boyle said: “You are the great and good and you have been lucky some of you, and you are very powerful – some of you know it, some of you don’t know it. If there is any way you can help make culture, music, dance, theatre a core of the new English baccalaureate you will have given something beyond what you give every day.”

    Later in the evening, theatre and film director Stephen Daldry also called for support in the campaign to include creative subjects in the national curriculum.

    After congratulating Boyle for the success of the Olympics opening ceremony, Daldry made an appeal to the audience to “do what they can” to help.

    He said: "We are entering difficult times. As Danny said, we have to fight for the curriculum, it is essential.

    “The most important thing we can do now is talk to our politicians and talk to our business leaders and say this is the country we want to be in and believe in, we don’t want to go backwards, we’ve got to go forwards. Please do what you can.”