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Yours Sincerely

“Well-meaning but convoluted”

Will Jackson has accidentally stolen 300 second-class stamps. The reason why is explained in his new show Yours Sincerely, but the important issue is what he decides to do with those stamps. Taking a leap into the unknown, he begins to write letters to people with whom he has lost touch: old friends, older crushes and the marketing department of John Lewis. In this age of communication Jackson attempts to connect with people in a manner practically unknown by millennials.

There’s something of the man-child about Jackson’s performance. He bursts into lip-sync at the drop of a hat and his effervescent delivery is off the scale. He also procrastinates dreadfully, so that when he is faced with the serious things in life, he drops them down to the bottom of the list. He is a kid in a man’s world but he is learning, slowly, to adapt to this.

Beyond the stories of failed dead-end jobs, one-night stands and chocolate button binging, his relationship with his new flatmate is the most satisfying element. Passive aggressive note-writing leads to acceptance and a burgeoning friendship, proving if nothing else that given a chance compromise can work in your favour.

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Production Details
Production nameYours Sincerely
VenueAssembly Rooms
StartsAugust 1, 2019
EndsAugust 24, 2019
Running time55 mins
AuthorWill Jackson
DirectorAnna Himali Howard
Lighting designerJack Weir
Sound designerTom Rackham
CastWill Jackson
Stage managerChaz Webb
ProducerQuick Duck Theatre
VerdictWell-meaning but convoluted rites of passage comedy
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Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

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