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Wil Greenway: Either Side of Everything

“Utterly transporting”

To spend an hour with amiable Australian storyteller Wil Greenway at the Fringe is to escape Edinburgh, to trade the hustle-bustle and the stress of the festival for something altogether calmer, folksier and more reflective. Even his show titles calm you down – 2016’s The Way the City Ate the Stars, 2017’s These Trees the Autumn Leaves Alone, and now Either Side of Everything.

Accompanied by musical duo Kathryn Langshaw and Will Galloway, Greenway – bare-footed, bushy-bearded, big-hearted – weaves a multi-stranded, time-hopping story full of coincidence and whimsy. Somewhere, two friends open up to each other on a long car journey. Somewhere else, a woman buries her beloved dog with a fig. And somewhere else, a beetle called Brian makes his weary way home.

Greenway, speaking in his gentle Antipodean brogue, allows these tangential stories to unfold slowly, stuffing them full of lyrical imagery and a gentle, genial wit, pondering death, time and love throughout. Aided by Langshaw and Galloway’s beautifully harmonised backing, he creates worlds of wonder for his rapt audience.

It really is utterly transporting – a crackling campfire of a storytelling show. I’m not sure there’s a wiser wordsmith in Edinburgh.

Production Details
Production nameWil Greenway: Either Side of Everything
VenueUnderbelly Bristo Square
StartsAugust 2, 2018
EndsAugust 26, 2018
Running time1hr
AuthorWil Greenway
ComposerKathryn Langshaw, Will Galloway
DirectorKellie Tori
CastKathryn Langshaw, Wil Greenway, Will Galloway
ProducerNick James Clark
VerdictAn utterly transporting hour of softly spoken storytelling from Australian wordsmith Wil Greenway
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Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

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