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We'll Live and Die in These Towns

“An inspired musical”

The Enemy’s 2007’s platinum-selling album We’ll Live and Die in These Towns definitely had something. An angsty, aggressive edge that catapulted the Coventry three-piece to the top of the charts (or near enough) for a few years.

Geoff Thompson’s new musical, for which the Enemy frontman Tom Clarke is musical director, takes that angry energy and spins it into something richer and deeper. It’s more of a play with songs than a musical, with tracks from the Enemy’s debut smartly reworked to underscore the action.

The plot is simple. A fictional frontman of a fictional band freaks out before playing his home town, and bolts off to haunt the places of his adolescence, encountering pre-fame friends and family as he goes. A simple plot, but one that, in several long, thoughtful scenes, allows Thompson to explore a lot – artistic integrity, ambition, identity, and more. What do we owe to the places that made us? Do we ever really leave them?

Hamish Glen’s production unfolds on Patrick Connellan’s tessellated jigsaw, projection-splashed design, and Clarke’s theatrical versions of his own songs are really good live – particularly the title track, which gets the local audience singing along. A moving moment.

It could be a lot shorter, though. And although there’s a few nice supporting performances, particularly from Quinn Patrick as an armchair-bound philosopher, Tom Milner’s Argy doesn’t exactly scream chart-topping charisma. Inspired, but flawed. A bit like the band themselves.

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Production Details
Production nameWe'll Live and Die in These Towns
VenueBelgrade Theatre
StartsSeptember 29, 2018
EndsOctober 20, 2018
Running time2hrs 40mins
AuthorGeoff Thompson
DirectorHamish Glenn
Musical directorTom Clarke
Set designerPatrick Connellan
Lighting designerGrant Anderson
Sound designerChris Bogg
CastAdam Sopp, Andy Burse, Julie Mullins, Mark Turnbull, Meg Forgan, Molly-Grace Cutler, Quinn Patrick, Steven Serlin, Tom Milner
Production managerAdrian Sweeney
Stage managerAmy-Marie Field, Graham Baird, Steve Cressy
ProducerBelgrade Theatre
VerdictAn inspired but overlong new musical built around Coventry-based band the Enemy’s 2007 debut album
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Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

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