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Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula, the Sea Witch

“Playful staging and enjoyable score”

The team behind the vibrator musical Buzz turns its attention to the Disney canon. Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula, the Sea Witch offers a bawdy back story to Disney’s The Little Mermaid. All the hallmarks of Fat Rascal Theatre are present including playful musical arrangements from the gifted Tim Gilvin and a ballsy book and lyrics from Robyn Grant and Daniel Foxx. Essentially, the team do to The Little Mermaid what Wicked did to The Wizard of Oz, but with more cock jokes.

Unfortunate has laughs to spare and its score has a satisfying richness and diversity reminiscent of any of the strong Disney soundtracks. Abby Clarke’s puppet design adds a touch of anthropomorphic magic but Grant rightly dominates the stage as Ursula, putting some not inconsiderable vocal power behind some of the bigger numbers.

Grant and Foxx take aim at several easy targets, not least Disney itself, accusing it of racism, size-ism, anti-Semitism and homophobia. It’s light-hearted but also perhaps outdated, when you consider Disney’s recent casting and the fact that Disneyland Paris holds a Pride parade annually. Unfortunate also suggests that some monsters can overcome the bad rap they were given in their youth, but surely only if they are allowed to.

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Production Details
Production nameUnfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula, the Sea Witch
StartsJuly 31, 2019
EndsAugust 26, 2019
Running time1hr 10mins
AuthorRobyn Grant
ComposerTim Gilvin
Book writerDaniel Foxx
LyricistDaniel Foxx
DirectorSiobhan Cannon Brownie
Set designerAbby Clarke
Costume designerCory Shipp
Lighting designerKatrin Padel
Sound designerCandice Weaver
CastJamie Mawson, Allie Munro, Katie Wells, Robyn Grant, Steffan Rizzi
ProducerFat Rascal Theatre
VerdictPlayful staging and an enjoyable score are the highlights of Fat Rascals’ new musical parody
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Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

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