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The Borrowers

“Delightful, perfectly judged adaptation”

With its wooden floors and low ceilings, Bristol’s Tobacco Factory feels like a natural home for Mary Norton’s story of tiny humans who live under the floorboards.

The space curiously feels both spacious and snug, which is fitting: as Simon Armstrong gentle, scruffy narrator, Eddie, greets the audience and introduces the play as a childhood memory, Bea Roberts’ adaptation places its emphasis on the different perspectives of the young and the old – it’s about remembering how different the world looks and feels when you’re small.

The play gives director Nik Partridge plenty of opportunity to have fun with a steady stream of over-sized props (my favourite is a q-tip wielded in spear-like fashion). Presenting scenes in alternating zoomed-in and normal scale versions – cutting between the tempest and the teacup – produces some great visual gags.

It all plays out in Jess Bernberg’s magnificent lighting design, rich in colour but just the right side of garish, and on Rosanna Vize’s set of drab carpet giving way to shiny mustard yellow and glittery green.

A live band slip in and out of character as they weave themselves into the story, typical of a production that makes no attempt to conceal its own means of magic-making. With an actual, squintingly small magic trick at the show’s close, it’s impossible to resist the thought that the theatre might have its own tiny people hiding under the rake or up in the lighting rig, listening quietly to the show.

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Production Details
Production nameThe Borrowers
VenueTobacco Factory Theatres
StartsNovember 29, 2018
EndsJanuary 20, 2019
Running time2hrs incl. interval
AdaptorBea Roberts
ComposerDavid Riley
Book writerMary Norton
DirectorGwen Hales, Nik Partridge
Assistant directorJenny Davies
Musical directorDavid Ridley
ChoreographerVic Hole
Set designerRosanna Vize
Costume designerRosanna Vize
Lighting designerJess Bernberg
Sound designerDavid Riley
CastCraig Edwards, David Ridley, Ellie Showering, Jessica Hayles, Lucy Tuck, Peta Maurice, Simon Armstrong
TechnicalSophia Khan
Production managerNic Prior
Stage managerAida Bourdis, Bryony Rutter
Head of wardrobeNicola Holter
ProducerVic Hole
VerdictDelightful, perfectly judged adaptation of Mary Norton’s much-loved story
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Ben Kulvichit Kulvichit

Ben Kulvichit Kulvichit

Ben Kulvichit Kulvichit

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