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Son of Dyke

“Quick witted and fast paced”

Jordan Waller is possibly best known for his role as Lord Arthur Paget in ITV’s Victoria. In this self-penned, autobiographical piece Waller dwells not on his fledgling acting career but on his personal life, growing up as the son of a lesbian. The imaginatively titled Son of Dyke sees the actor floored by the death of his mother, which in turn sends him on a quest to discover the sperm donor who is his biological father.

Although there are plenty of laughs in Waller’s writing there is a petulant, almost aggressive tone underpinning it. True, there are moments of great poignancy, as he explains the bond he shares with his mother’s ex-girlfriend. But the protagonist that Waller has created is distinctly unlikeable, with a self-confidence teetering on the edge of narcissism.

Also, as a performer, Waller seems curiously unconnected to such an autobiographical piece of work. His performance has clarity and dynamism but his emotional detachment is slightly unnerving. It’s like watching a stand-up comedian who has picked up the script and can’t quite judge the sub-text. Waller ties the story up neatly enough with some emotional resolutions and lessons learned, but there’s no point at which you really believe him.

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Production Details
Production nameSon of Dyke
StartsAugust 1, 2019
EndsAugust 11, 2019
Running time1hr
AuthorJordan Waller
DirectorAnna Fox
CastJordan Waller
ProducerEllie Keel, Heretic Productions
VerdictQuick witted and fast paced but irredeemably smug
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Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

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