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My Big Little Sister


Ruby is a typical little girl, wanting to play with her big brother, dress up as a princess or a pop star, wear make-up, to be able to do what grown-ups do. Tom is a typical boy, spending all his time speeding round the house on his scooter or playing computer games. The last thing he wants to do is play with his little sister. Mum is a dentist, despite having her hands full looking after the children.

From these unlikely beginnings, familiar to most of the audience, Tina Williams and her team have crafted a little gem of children’s theatre. Because one morning, Ruby wakes to find she has grown up, so Mum decides to take a well-earned holiday, leaving Ruby in charge, including the dental practice. And of course, things go horribly wrong.

Between them Sharla Smith, Toby Nicholas and Jessica Duffield brilliantly evoke the chaos of getting ready for school, taking a car ride or going through the supermarket checkout with a combination of song, dance, music and mime – and impeccable timing.

The pace of the show is so energetic you don’t feel bludgeoned by the minor themes – clean your teeth, stay safe – let alone the main message – be careful what you wish for, it might just happen.

Production Details
Production nameMy Big Little Sister
VenueYvonne Arnaud
StartsJanuary 2, 2013
EndsMarch 5, 2013
Running time50mins
AuthorTina Williams
DirectorLawrence Evans
CastJessica Duffield, Sharla Smith, Toby Nicholas
ProducerPied Piper
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