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Mrs Warren's Profession


This production of Mrs Warren’s Profession will satisfy the fans of old-fashioned classic theatre.

The emphasis is on an evergreen and thought-provoking script, eloquently delivered by a well-chosen cast in an intimate environment. It is a welcome step away from any kind of gimmicks, which makes up for the slightly tatty costumes, clumsy set changes and basic lighting.

Michael Sargent brings back to life this play from late 19th century, which has not lost its wit and sting. Although it was censored for decades it has no shock value to modern audiences. However it successfully pokes fun at prejudice and hypocrisy, vices that are still very much part of our capitalist society, and raises ever-pertinent issues about prostitution and religion.

Centurion Theatre veteran Helen Johns is perfect as the stuck up Vivie Warren, locked in a mental cage of societal constraints and a ‘proper’ education – a cage in which she chooses to isolate herself in to avoid facing uncomfortable home truths.

Denis Delahunt is a real gem as Praed, warm and likeable, while Mark Farrelly is convincing as the arrogant, dandy gold-digger that is Frank Gardner.

Production Details
Production nameMrs Warren's Profession
VenueThe Courtyard
LocationCovent Garden
StartsNovember 17, 2006
EndsDecember 3, 2006
Running time2hrs 20mins
AuthorBernard Shaw
DirectorMichael Sargent
CastCarole Street, Denis Delahunt, Helen Johns, Mark Farrelly, Martin Beere, Roger Sansom
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