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Andrea McLean does surprisingly well as the Fairy Godmother, which is more than can be said for the other star name, Lloyd Daniels, who can only have been cast as Prince Charming to get bums on seats.

While McLean remembers and delivers her rhyming couplets with charm, and even sings well, Daniels’ acting is wooden, his movements awkward and, although his voice is pleasant enough when singing solo, invariably it is drowned out by those around him. This problem is unfortunately exacerbated by the fact that his pal Dandini is performed with panache by Ezra Tafari, who can act, sing, dance, ad lib and has considerable stage presence.

Abigail Welford is a graceful Cinderella while her ugly sisters are played by Oliver Gray and Dean Horner, as proper old-school dames with increasingly garish costumes. They are very nasty to Cinders, and highly insulting to the audience, who respond as expected. Comedy double act Jason Francis and Neil Wheatley are Baron Hardup and Buttons, and they put a lot of energy into making sure things don’t go too smoothly, Wheatley verging for much of the time on anarchy.

The comedy is way past the knuckle, but the only boos are for the ugly sisters The show is brash and energetic, and the audience loves it.

Production Details
Production nameCinderella
StartsDecember 14, 2012
EndsJanuary 6, 2013
Running time2hrs 45mins
AuthorBen Simmons, Keith Simmons, Lee Waddingham
DirectorMark Piper
CastAbigail Welford, Andrea Mclean, Dean Horner, Ezra Tafari, Jason Francis, Lloyd Daniels, Neil Wheatley, Oliver Gray
ProducerPaul Holmans
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