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Rambert: McGregor / Motin / Shechter

“An unbalanced triple bill”

Rambert’s new artistic director Benoit Swan Pouffer has made a bold but dubious statement of intent with his initial programme, bringing in French commercial choreographer Marion Motin to create her first work for a contemporary company.

Rouge begins with loud licks from a barefoot electric guitarist dressed in a drab kimono and a large pretentious hat, surrounded by lashings of dry ice. Six dancers emerge looking like they’ve raided the racks at Sue Ryder: feather boa here, puffer jacket there, a Pat Butcher-style fur coat. There’s a lot of posturing and chucking of clothes around before the dancing gets going. Irony, unfortunately, isn’t in attendance.

Eventually, the dancers start jacking and jerking to a pounding beat, torqueing their torsos into fashionably concave shapes as strips of red neon light slide by. There’s a certain inescapable pleasure in this, but it feels superficial, like the choreographer is trying to sell you something rather than tell you something: a trade show for pants and beautiful bodies.

The other works on the bill are early pieces from two now-established names in contemporary dance. Wayne McGregor’s PreSentient, from 2002, displays all the boneless physicality that we now expect from the master of the crotch-ripping leg extension. The dancers do diligently edgy work, but the music – Steve Reich’s Triple Quartet – is an orgy of joyless double-stopping, dense to the point of stressful.

Meanwhile, Hofesh Shechter’s In Your Rooms movingly – and exhilaratingly – conveys unspeakable dread and existential burden with a welcome dash of humour.

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Production Details
Production nameRambert: McGregor / Motin / Shechter
VenueSadler's Wells
StartsMay 14, 2019
EndsMay 18, 2019
Running time2hrs 20mins
ComposerHofesh Shechter, Micka Luna, Steve Reich
ChoreographerHofesh Shechter, Wayne McGregor, Marion Motin
Costume designerElizabeth Barker, Ursula Bombshell, Yann Seabra
Lighting designerJudith Leray, Lee Curran, Lucy Carter
CastDaniel Davidson, Guillaume Queau, Hannah Rudd, Jacob Wye, Juan Gil, Kym Sojourna
Stage managerAmy Steadman
VerdictUnbalanced triple bill features a disappointingly flimsy new work from Marion Motin
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Anna Winter

Anna Winter

Anna Winter

Anna Winter

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