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Peter Pan

“An uneasy mix”

Peter Pans are thin on the ground in West Country theatres this Christmas. This curate’s egg of a Theatre Royal Bath production may explain why, for it is always a challenge to marry a knockabout approach with JM Barrie’s foray into the pains of growing up.

Here Barrie’s motif comes off best, with director Michael Gattrell more at ease etching in the Edwardian background than staging the endless battles with pirates in Neverland.

Some of this is down to a two-toned performance from Paul Nicholas, marking his 50th year on the stage with a splendidly stiff upper-lip Mr Darling but an altogether too affable Captain Hook.

It is also true of the energetic Tim Edwards as Peter Pan, with his reflection that “to die would be an awfully big adventure”, and Jenny Huxley-Golden’s demure Wendy, experiencing the pangs of first love and the object of the childish jealousy of Rachel Grundy’s roller-skating Tinkerbell.

Colourful sets and comedy are, of course, what the youngsters out front want. Bath pantomime regular Jon Monie, as Smee, is not the slightest bit embarrassed by the corniest of quips, while Rebecca Wheatley’s Mermaid has an unexpected stand-up routine all to herself.

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Peter PanPeter Pan

Production Details
Production namePeter Pan
VenueTheatre Royal
StartsDecember 13
EndsJanuary 13, 2019
Running time2hrs 35mins
AuthorJm Barrie
CreatorJulian Lane
DirectorMichael Gattrell
Musical directorOli George Rew
ChoreographerDanielle Drayton
Set designerCharlie Camm, Jason Bishop, Jon Harris
Lighting designerNev Milsom
Sound designerNigel Bayliss
CastJenny Huxley-Golden, Jon Monie, Paul Nicholas, Rachel Grundy, Rebecca Wheatley, Tim Edwards
Production managerAndy Batty
Stage managerJack Opie
ProducerUK Productions
VerdictEnergetic performances elevate an uneasy mix of knockabout comedy and moral storytelling
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Jeremy Brien

Jeremy Brien

Jeremy Brien

Jeremy Brien

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