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Our Country

“Complex story of a tangled brother-sister relationship”

Siblings share so much – whether it’s their make-believe games, whispered stories or their own brand of rough-housing. In Annie Saunders’ and Becca Wolff’s dance-heavy theatre piece, Our Country, these kinds of interactions are used to tell a complex story of a tangled brother-sister relationship – one that is not easy to hold on to and impossible to let go of.

Saunders introduces us to her younger brother, Rafe, who has lived life out of step with the law. He works in a part of California he calls the “wild, wild west,” where illegal marijuana growers proliferate. He’s facing possible jail time and needs her character reference. Using audio from an interview between Saunders and Rafe, she and actor Max Hersey recreate the siblings’ conversations, arguments and childhood play with dreamlike, gauzy memory imprecision.

While much is spoken, the charged dance sequences demonstrate how intertwined the two are – moving in violent and conflicted ways but always returning to each other. Saunders and Hersey generate a startling intimacy as they push and pull at each other’s recollections and wounds. Though intensely personal, the show reminds us all that the sibling who can bring you to tears can also make you laugh in an instant.

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Production Details
Production nameOur Country
StartsAug 1, 2018
EndsAug 26, 2018
Running time1hr
AuthorAnnie Saunders, Becca Wolff
DramaturgBecca Wolff
DirectorBecca Wolff
Set designerNina Caussa
Costume designerMelissa Trn
Lighting designerJiyoun Chang
Sound designerJames Ard
CastAnnie Saunders, Max Hersey
TechnicalChristian Cagigal, Jackie Zhou, Jess Williams
Production managerSam Thornber
Stage managerBryony Byrne
VerdictEmotional exploration of complicated sibling relationship using emotive dance, mythology and cowboy metaphors
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Nicole Serratore

Nicole Serratore

Nicole Serratore

Nicole Serratore

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