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Moot Moot

“Unflagging exuberance”

Rosana Cade is Barry, a moustachioed radio presenter in a boxy grey suit. Ivor MacAskill is Barry, a moustachioed radio presenter in a boxy grey suit. Together they are Barry and Barry, identical hosts of a phone-in show that no-one ever phones.

Moot Moot is The Barry and Barry Show, a rapid-fire vortex of relentlessly repetitive radio chatter (“How are you today, Barry?”, “I’m good thanks, Barry, how are you?”), catchy jingles played over and over again (“It’s all about youuuu and yourrr opinions!”), and physical comedy (Barry and Barry clambering awkwardly over their spinning office chairs as they exhort their listeners to “get in touch! Get in touch! Get in touch!”).

The show – brought back for a two-week run at the Yard after appearing at the theatre’s NOW18 festival earlier this year – is basically a surreal satire on talk radio, and on a world that pushes everyone to trumpet their everyday thoughts, their hot takes and their half-arsed opinions as loudly as they can.

You get that after the first 10 minutes, though. After that, the show flies or flops on the strength of each individual skit. Some grow tiresome quickly, but others are superb – the chair-clambering bit, an Auto-Tune song section in a shower of bubbles, and Barry and Barry’s precisely choreographed opening banter, where every buzzword is accompanied by an action and a cartoonish sound effect.

As a whole it’s patchy, but Cade and MacAskill are performers of unflagging exuberance. Credit to their technical team for keeping up with them.

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Production Details
Production nameMoot Moot
VenueYard Theatre
StartsOctober 30, 3018
EndsNovember 10, 2018
Running time1hr
CreatorIvor Macaskill, Rosana Cade
Lighting designerAzusa Ono
Sound designerYas Clarke
CastIvor Macaskill, Rosana Cade
Production managerKate Shield
ProducerYard Theatre
VerdictRelentless, surreal satire on phone-in radio shows from live artists Rosana Cade and Ivor MacAskill
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Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

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