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Looping: Scotland Overdub

“A vibrant fusion of brazilian and scottish festivities”

A chain of fairy lights twinkles above a dark hazy room.  Dressed in colourful silk and splashes of paint, bodies appear and disappear into the shadowed corners. A chain begins to form between the performers and the audience members and the room soon becomes a web of figures, moving to a drumbeat. A ritual ceremony of unity has commenced.

Choreographed by Brazilian dance collective 7Oito (Felipe de Assis, Leonardo França and Rita Aquino) in collaboration with playwright Kieran Hurley, this is a street party, a vibrant fusion of Brazilian and Scottish festivities.

To an electronic score by DJ Torben Lars Sylvest, each dancer moves with fluid dexterity. Tipping their bodies, they spiral to the floor before opening their arms into propeller wings. Spinning, the speed and repetition becomes hypnotic.

Although this is a party, this show is also a call for political action. With the seeping rise of fascism, it is time to protect our democracy and fight for new beginnings.

With our hands linked, we all start to stamp our feet. The effect is mesmerising. It is a clever decision to get the audience involved with the piece; we are not just witnessing what is in front of us, we are participating in the experience.

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Production Details
Production nameLooping: Scotland Overdub
VenueZoo Southside
StartsAugust 19, 2019
EndsAugust 24, 2019
Running time1 hr
AuthorKieran Hurley
ComposerDj Torben Lars Sylvest
DirectorNaomi Murray
ChoreographerDance Collective 7Oito, Fleur Darkin, Scottish Dance Theatre
Costume designerAlison Brown, Timorous Beasties
Lighting designerEmma Jones
CastAdrienne O’Leary, Genevieve Reeves, Jessie Roberts-Smith, Johanna Wernmo, Kieran Brown, Luigi Nardone, Mathilda Bjärum, Oscar Pérez Romero, Pauline Torzuoli
VerdictScottish Dance Theatre hosts a galvanising street party fusing Brazilian and Scottish festivities
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