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Kill Climate Deniers

“Staid, shallow and charmless”

Dwelling more on the early history of rave music than on the impending ecological catastrophe facing our planet, Kill Climate Deniers is an irreverent and boldly-staged blurt of nihilistic absurdism.

Playwright David Finnigan has written extensively for Australian science-theatre collective Boho, but this piece serves as a frenetic counterpoint to such calm debate. It’s a garbled yell of frustration channelled through the story of a gaffe-prone environment minister, Gwen Malkin, going full John McClane when eco terrorists strike during a Fleetwood Mac concert.

Making her UK stage debut as the gun-toting politician in question, comic Felicity Ward carries the show with boundless energy and some well-judged ad-libs. Hannah Ellis Ryan delivers a powerfully bleak monologue depicting our now almost inevitable future, while Nathan Coenen cuts in now and then as navel-gazing authorial voice Finig, second-guessing his choices and pointing out the clever bits.

Director Nic Connaughton gives it a daft and hyperactive treatment, with performances pitched somewhere between play-acting and knowing mugging to the audience. Slow-motion gunfights and whiplash-inducing tonal swerves suit the material, but by the second protracted dance-off sequence it all feels wearyingly self-indulgent.

Sound designer Kirsty Gillmore backs the production with a galvanising wall of electronica, featuring throbbing dance classics and crackly, claustrophobic electronic effects. The show opens with a crisply-edited barrage of hard-right media personalities angrily denouncing their enemies – the scientists, optimists, and activists prepared to demand positive, proactive change.

Production Details
Production nameKill Climate Deniers
VenuePleasance Theatre
StartsJune 4, 2019
EndsJune 28, 2019
Running time1hr 30mins
AuthorDavid Finnigan
DirectorNic Connaughton
ChoreographerRubyyy Jones
Set designerPrinx Lydia
Lighting designerGeoff Hense
Sound designerKirsty Gillmore
Video designerWill Monks
CastBec Hill [debut], Felicity Ward, Hannah Ellis Ryan, Kelly Paterniti, Nathan Coenen
Stage managerFfion Loynes
ProducerPleasance Theatre
VerdictDespite a provocative title, this staid, shallow and mostly charmless comic romp fails to convince
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Dave Fargnoli

Dave Fargnoli

Dave Fargnoli

Dave Fargnoli

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