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If ever a play had an inappropriate title it has to be this one, for there is absolutely nothing about the storyline, the characters, the acting or direction which is insignificant.

Had the characters not been larger than life legends, then this play would be described at very least as absurd. Even though one does know that Albert Einstein, Senator Joseph McCarthy, Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio did exist and these happenings did occur, it all in some extraordinary and very dramatic way seems unreal, yet this production and these performances are nonetheless compelling from beginning to end, one hardly daring to blink, for fear of missing some crucial comment or line.

Gina Bellman creates a Monroe that makes you question this woman, that makes you see beyond the dumb blonde life, that makes you what and if. A tremendous performance. Paul McCleary is just wonderful as Einstein. He portrays all the qualities one might expect of the great man but also a totally unexpected warmth and humour.

When it come to the legendary ballplayer DiMaggio, Steven Hartley unearths a despair and vulnerability. Sadly Alan Perrin’s accent and speed of delivery as Senator McCarthy make it exceptionally difficult to catch anything other than brief words of his performance. The corruptness and sinister qualities, however, came over crystal clear.

Rupert Goold has conjured up another provoking production which undoubtedly will be much talked about by all who see it.

Production Details
Production nameInsignificance
VenueRoyal Theatre
StartsApril 23, 2004
EndsMay 15, 2004
Running time2hrs 25mins
AuthorTerry Johnson
DirectorRupert Goold
CastAlan Perrin, Gina Bellman, Paul Mccleary, Steven Hartley
ProducerDerngate Theatres, Royal
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