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“Eye-opening story of a soldier's sexual assault”

Sexual violence in the US military is all too frequent, under-reported, and rarely prosecuted. Writer-performer Mary Jane Wells’ one-woman show Heroine recounts some of the real-life experiences of an American sergeant who was gang raped by men in her unit and then sent into combat alongside her attackers.

While the slick production creates a bombastic soundscape and distinct sense of place through sound design, the purple prose interferes at times with an emotional connection. This raw personal narrative does not need embellishment.

When Danna Davis’ family finds out she is a lesbian, they kick her out of the house. She joins the army, where she thrives and gets promoted. But she also has to hide who she is because of the ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ policy. Her fellow soldiers use this as a threat to her career to keep her quiet after they attack her. After the violence she experienced, she struggles in recovery with the voices in her head and the scars she bears.

Wells injured her ankle during the fringe run. Using a wheelchair while performing, she seamlessly moves across the stage with each scene shift. She captures a plethora of distinct voices in her commanding performance.

Production Details
Production nameHeroine
VenueAssembly Hall
StartsAugust 2, 2018
EndsAugust 27, 2018
Running time1hr 5mins
AuthorDanna Davis
AdaptorMary Jane Wells
DramaturgNicola Mccartney
DirectorSusan Worsfold
Lighting designerGeorge Tarbuck
Sound designerMatt Padden
CastMary Jane Wells
TechnicalBarbara Autin, Faline England
Production managerJohn Wilkie
ProducerEd Littlewood, Laila Noble
VerdictEye-opening, if rather florid, story of soldier’s sexual assault and dark road to recovery
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Nicole Serratore

Nicole Serratore

Nicole Serratore

Nicole Serratore

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