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Have I Told You I’m Writing A Play About My Vagina?

“Funny and frank”

In 2016, Isley Lynn wrote the widely praised Skin a Cat, a play about her struggle to have sex because she had vaginismus, a psychosomatic condition that caused her intense pain during penetration.

Ella Langley’s new two-hander, Have I Told You I’m Writing A Play About My Vagina?, treads much of the same ground, but it’s inventively done, deftly performed and – to be honest – it’s a topic well worth covering again.

Langley’s concept – which works a lot better on stage than it should – is to give her protagonist’s vagina a voice of its own. Christelle Elwin is Bea, a university student who wants to have sex, but can’t. Lottie Amor, dressed in a bright pink tutu, plays her vagina – and other characters.

As the play traverses Bea’s sexual feelings and fumblings through her time at university, the pair bicker, banter and ultimately bond. Get to know your body, Langley advises. Talk to it. Talk about it.

Georgia Figgis’ production for Chucked Up Theatre is inventive, frank and funny, and features an ironic pop soundtrack, too. Elwin convincingly masks her anxiety behind a wall of cool, and Amor supplies a superbly subtle performance. As a vagina.

Skin a Cat review at the Vaults, London – ‘frank, fresh and funny’

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Production Details
Production nameHave I Told You I’m Writing A Play About My Vagina?
VenueParadise in Augustines
StartsAugust 2, 2019
EndsAugust 26, 2019
Running time1hr
AuthorElla Langley
DirectorGeorgia Figgis
CastChristelle Elwin, Lottie Amor
ProducerChucked Up Theatre, Iona Purvis
VerdictFunny and frank two-hander about vaginismus, featuring a walking, talking vagina
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