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Dick Whittington

“Bobby davro's star turn”

London’s streets might be paved in gold, but this lavish Dick Whittington is worth its glittering weight in it.

The Mayflower, celebrating its 90th birthday, and Qdos Entertainment have pulled out all the stops to deliver a visually spectacular show. This Dick is real corker: dazzling costumes, spangled sets, stunning lighting, energetic dance routines and a fabulous dame. Andrew Wright’s production simply fizzes along.

Alan McHugh’s script may be short on plot but it’s full of set pieces and still feels fresh. The show is raucously funny and contains some genuine wow moments, like the giant animatronic rat that gets the show rolling and the flying double-decker bus that returns Dick to London.

Bobby Davro in Dick Whittington at Mayflower, Southampton

We are putty in the hands of panto veterans Andrew Ryan as Sarah the Cook and an anarchic Bobby Davro as Idle Jack, but it is without doubt Davro’s show. Some of what he does appears a little spur of the moment until you realise the skill and years of experience – Davro says this is his 37th – it takes to make it look this easy.

Former The X-Factor winner Joe McElderry is on fine vocal form as Dick. He and Suzanne Shaw’s scrumptious Alice make a sparky couple with Josh Baker as an acrobatic Kitty Kat. Steve McFadden doesn’t need to play on his EastEnders persona as Phil Mitchell to convince that he is a truly heinous King Rat. Sheila Ferguson’s Spirit of the Bells is a tad shaky on her lines and on the stairs, but she can belt out a song diva-style and that’s what counts.


Production Details
Production nameDick Whittington
StartsDecember 15, 2018
EndsJanuary 6, 2019
Running time2hrs 30mins
AuthorAlan Mchugh
DirectorAndrew Wright
Musical directorAnthony England
Set designerIan Westbrook
Lighting designerMatt Clutterham
Sound designerAndrew Johnson
CastAndrew Ryan, Bobby Davro, Jamal Crawford, Joe Mcelderry, Josh Baker, Sheila Ferguson, Steve Mcfadden, Suzanne Shaw
Production managerPete Kramer
ProducerQdos Entertainme
VerdictSumptuous panto with an anarchic star turn from Bobby Davro
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Lesley Bates

Lesley Bates

Lesley Bates

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