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Casus: You and I

“Circus, magic and a touch of tango”

You and I is a likeable, personal show by Casus co-founders and off-stage partners Jesse Scott and Lachlan McAulay that celebrates and gently interrogates their relationship via circus, magic and a touch of tango.

By its very nature, circus is a form that can speak volumes about trust, intimacy, visibility and gender – here all of that is intensified. Are the stakes higher or lower when it’s your husband, rather than a colleague, balancing on your head with one arm? They play with physical roles in this labour of love – it isn’t always the taller Scott who does the grunt work. Both men can lift the other in extraordinary ways.

The domestic setting (a bookcase, lamps, chairs and water glasses) adds to the sense of companionate sweetness, as does the way McAulay occasionally starts doing something else, such as sketching or whittling, while Scott lets rip with the hula hoops. There are climactic feats of balance and strength here, one involving a stack of chairs, but the lower-key moments are moving – the clasp of hands, simple tumbles in tandem, a playful piggyback. While the energy between sequences sometimes flags into frustrating ponderousness, Scott and McAulay’s mix of tenderness and craft shines through.

Production Details
Production nameCasus: You and I
VenueAssembly Roxy
StartsAugust 2
EndsAugust 26
Running time1hr
CreatorJesse Scott, Lachlan Mcaulay
DirectorJesse Scott, Lachlan Mcaulay
Set designerLachlan Mcaulay
Costume designerAmanda Fairbanks
Lighting designerRob Scott
CastJesse Scott, Lachlan Mcaulay
TechnicalNatano Fa’Anana
ProducerCasus Circus, Cluster Arts
VerdictReal-life couple explore their relationship using circus feats in this gently moving show
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Anna Winter

Anna Winter

Anna Winter

Anna Winter

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