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“Playful fantasy-adventure parody”

This is the second one-man work from Lewis Doherty. The first, last year’s Wolf, was a playful, cinematic, mime-heavy parody of a neo-noir crime thriller. Boar is cut from the same cloth: it’s a playful, cinematic, mime-heavy parody of a fantasy adventure – pirates, dragons and all. And it’s really quite impressive.

Doherty – black top, black trousers and no props – exhibits tremendous versatility as he crafts a capering, comic narrative that flits from ships to castles to caves, following gruff protagonist Boar and his swift sidekick Yilfa as they hunt the bandits who burned down their village.

It’s a story full of wonderful moments – horseback chases, sword fights and tavern brawls – and funny ones, too, particularly when Prince Charming turns up and won’t stop talking about his gap year in Tanzania.

Doherty’s physicality is incredible. He shifts and squirms his shoulders into different characters, somehow creating an all-action narrative using just his hands. His vocal versatility is similarly superb – a storm of squeals and squawks and spits that conjures up clashing swords and snorting dragons.

It’s a virtuoso turn well worth seeing. Stay for the post-credits scene, too – a Wolf/Boar crossover clip that thrillingly suggests Doherty has a whole universe in mind.

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Production Details
Production nameBoar
VenuePleasance Courtyard
StartsJuly 31, 2019
EndsAugust 25, 2019
Running time1hr
AuthorLewis Doherty
DramaturgJohn Hoggarth
DirectorBeth Shouler, Lewis Doherty
Set designerFraser Youngson
Lighting designerRebecca Welburn
Sound designerChazz Redhead
CastLewis Doherty
TechnicalBeth Shouler
ProducerNottinghamhouse, The North Wall
VerdictEnormously fun one-man fantasy-adventure mime from Lewis Doherty
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Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

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