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Beep Boop

“Slick but repetitive”

Beep boop. That’s the noise of the phone in your pocket, or the iPad in your bag, or the laptop on your desk. It’s also the title of Richard Saudek’s one-man physical comedy, created with New York-based collective Crowded Outlet.

The show is essentially an hour-long mime that satirises our modern, technology-infested lives – a series of linked sketches that see Saudek wordlessly clown about, mocking everything from Tinder to Instagram to Amazon deliveries. He does it all to a soundtrack of beeps, boops, burps and burbles from composer Jesse Novak.

Saudek is an impressive performer. Face painted like a zombie, shoulders impossibly hunched, he scrambles and stalks around the stage, every limb twitching and twerking like it’s been electrified, right down to the tips of his fingers. There are shades of former fringe favourite Trygve Wakenshaw here.

But for all Saudek’s physical versatility and for all the originality and execution of the concept, Beep Boop suffers from a dearth of actual drama. It’s basically got one jibe – about how obsessed we all are with our phones and how lonely that’s making us – and it just tells it in a bunch of different ways. Swipe left.

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Production Details
Production nameBeep Boop
VenueAssembly George Square Studios
StartsAugust 1, 2019
EndsAugust 25, 2019
Running time1 hr
AuthorRichard Saudek
DirectorWes Grantom
Set designerDriscoll Otto
Costume designerMaddie Peterson
Lighting designerDriscoll Otto
Sound designerJesse Novak
CastRichard Saudek
TechnicalBrendan Aanes, Nora Kaye
Stage managerRachel Kaufman
ProducerChad Goodridge, Crowded Outlet, Something For The Weekend
VerdictA slick but slightly repetitive one-man mime about our obsession with technology
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Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

Fergus Morgan

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