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Banging and Screwing

“Sixth-form fare”

In previous years Leggy Blonde Productions has presented light-hearted topical musicals entitled Love Me Tinder and My Fanny Valentine. So you might imagine that its latest offering, Banging and Screwing, is unlikely to be too cerebral a piece of musical drama. In fact, it does attempt to tackle the nuts and bolts of masculinity in the modern world.

At the local hardware store, Gary is facing stiff competition from big-boys Homebase, while apprentice Lee can only think of girls while being addicted to social media. Between them they attempt to address issues of toxic masculinity through song, jokes and teamwork.

While its motives are well-meaning, in practice this is an ill-prepared comedy skit, drawn out over an excruciating 45 minutes including reworked popular songs. Author Megan Juniper, performing as Lee, seems unsure of both the staging and the book but it’s the meek approach to the singing which really lets this piece down.

Lacklustre soundtrack recordings arranged by Doug Price filch pop songs such as Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer and the Lighthouse Family’s Lifted, shoehorning in ill-fitting lyrics to make a point.  A lack of confidence with the vocals from both Juniper and Andy Prain as Gary make this a seriously misjudged affair.

Production Details
Production nameBanging and Screwing
StartsAugust 1, 2018
EndsAugust 18, 2018
Running time45mins
AuthorMegan Juniper
DirectorMegan Juniper
Musical directorDoug Price
CastAndy Prain, Megan Juniper
ProducerLeggy Blonde Productions
VerdictSixth-form fare aimed at the post-pub crowd
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Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

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