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Ane City

“Promising debut about moving away from home”

Never go back, they say. Aspiring poet and English Lit student Tay finds out why when she returns home to Dundee for the summer from Glasgow Uni, ready to catch up with her family and a night on the lash with her pals.

This first production by new Dundee company Elfie Picket makes great use of storytelling techniques. Writer and performer Taylor Dyson has a strong ear for the Dundee vernacular, giving it an authentic voice in both her script and her delivery, while modulating it just enough to be comprehensible to those not of the city.

She uses the minimal set to help hint at place, but her own words do most to evoke the city and its people as she blends poetry and song into the narrative, with director Calum Kelly providing haunting acoustic backing on guitar.

Dyson’s story of the night out is generally well created. The most interesting parts of the tale are her observations on the dissonance between those who leave Dundee and those who stay behind. The relocation is shown to be not just geographical but social, with Tay moving into circles that her erstwhile pals perceive to be different.

Pops review at Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh – ‘devastatingly downbeat’

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Production Details
Production nameAne City
VenueAssembly Roxy
StartsJuly 31, 2019
EndsAugust 26, 2019
Running time1hr
AuthorTaylor Dyson
DirectorCalum Kelly
CastTaylor Dyson
ProducerElfie Picket
VerdictPromising debut gets under the surface of its story about moving away from home
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Thom Dibdin

Thom Dibdin

Thom Dibdin

Thom Dibdin

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