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Only Fools - The (Cushty) Dining Experience

“Immersive and entertaining”

As the party season hurtles towards us, events organisers throughout the capital will be seeking a way to top last year’s Christmas party.

For sheer fun, you could do a lot worse than check into the Nag’s Head, where Del Trotter and his brother Rodney have been forced to throw an impromptu quiz night in order to settle a debt with bent copper Roy Slater.

Only Fools – The (Cushty) Dining Experience is the latest production from International Theatre Interactive, the people behind the Faulty Towers Dining Experience and Confetti and Chaos. The show taps into the huge wave of nostalgia people still feel for John Sullivan’s original series. It incorporates familiar stories such as Rodney’s wooing of Cassandra and Marlene and Boycie’s desire for a child, while serving up a three-course meal and holding possibly the worst pub quiz in history.

The cast do a superb job and are adept at both improvisation and impersonation. Nick Moon gives the event impetus as both Del and crusty Uncle Albert, although it’s a shame that the two characters never meet. Kat Mary Gillham is great value as the affectionately cloying Marlene and Rob Taylor-Hastings proves a versatile performer playing Slater, Boycie and Trigger. The food may lack the elegance of other immersive dining experiences but the sheer audacity of the production and the immediacy and intimacy of the acting make this a dining experience to be reckoned with.

Only Fools and Horses musical to run in the West End

Production Details
Production nameOnly Fools - The (Cushty) Dining Experience
VenueRadisson Blu Edwardian Grafton
StartsOctober 5, 2018
EndsDecember 15, 2018
Running time2hrs 15mins
CreatorInternational Theatre Interactive
DirectorAlison Pollard-Mansergh
CastKat Mary Gillham, Lawrence Watling, Nick Moon, Rob Taylor-Hastings
ProducerInternational Theatre Interactive
VerdictGenuinely interactive and immersive dining experience that’s also hugely entertaining
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Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

Paul Vale

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