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Tesseract review at Jackson’s Lane, London – ‘inventive and playful’

Nacho Flores in Tesseract at Jackson's Lane, London. Photo: Erik Damiano

There are a surprisingly large number of ways to water a plant. For former tightrope-walker Nacho Flores, the solution is more complex than most. For a start, the potted fern in question sits atop a tower of wooden cubes. Glass of water in hand, he wobbles his way from one stack of cubes to another, finding increasingly precarious balances in his attempt to reach the fern.

This is the warm and playful opening to his new show Tesseract, a piece built around Flores’ balancing skill. His nnsensical mutterings add both humour and explanation to each step he takes, while his bumbling persona makes these feats of daring balance all the more impressive.

One scenario involves Flores pulling the blocks on which he is standing out from beneath his feet – like a high-risk game of Jenga. He looks surprised each time he does this successfully.

Flores is constantly sculpting the space around him, shifting the cubes and rebuilding the towers. This is an unstable world; it repeatedly crashes to the ground, but an encounter with a wooden cube puppet allows for a moment of quiet reflection.

There is a rough narrative but then the focus, and strength, of Tesseract is Flores’ inventive and playful approach to his varied balancing acts. They require great precision and focus, but at no point does Flores take himself too seriously. Each balance is performed with a genial grace, making for an engaging, enjoyable show.

Nacho Flores’ performs an inventive and playful balancing act

Production Information

Jackson's Lane
January 26, 2018
January 28, 2018
Press night
January 26, 2018
Nacho Flores  
Alessandro Angius
Cast includes
Nacho Flores
Nacho Flores  
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