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Snow White and the Seven Dames review at Perth Theatre – ‘sharp and contemporary’

Emma Mullen and Helen Logan in Snow White and the Seven Dames. Photo: Tommy Ga Ken Wan

For a stage with a more rural constituency than those in Scotland’s larger cities, Perth Theatre – under the artistic direction of Lu Kemp – consistently punches above its weight creatively. This year’s bright and very funny panto is no exception, taking the high concept outlined in the title and turning it over to leader of the gang Barrie Hunter to run with.

Frances Poet is a young Scottish writer of thoughtful insight (recent hits include the National Theatre of Scotland’s Adam [1] and Gut [2]), and her script is sharp and contemporary, riffing on Queen B’s (Helen Logan) obsession with youth and beauty, and her murderous, bullying envy of Emma Mullen’s Snow White for the crime of being young and pretty.

The Queen’s beauty elixir is fracked from the ground of the kingdom of Perthfect by a young chorus of singing, dancing mole children and the seven dames of the title, all of the latter roles played with vigorous and well-choreographed versatility and deliberately overplayed stage trickery by joint dames Hunter and Ewan Somers.

The pair are a powerful double act, and Hunter pulls extra shifts as the director of the show and the writer of ‘additional material’; presumably the Stanley Baxter-esque gag sections that give the show its greatest power, alongside musical director Alan Penman and choreographer Chris Stuart-Wilson’s thrilling dance sequences to contemporary pop hits that have been subtly rewritten to fit the story.

Elsewhere, Mullen’s Snow White is energetic and relatable in the title role, and Kyle Gardiner and Michael Dylan are the endearing but largely ineffective Huntsman and Prince Poshpants, respectively. It’s a warm-hearted story about being true to yourself and forgetting what others think, although it only roars fully to life when the dames or the dancers get involved.

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Two actors make seven dames the stars of the show in Perth’s relatable and thoughtful panto

Production Information

Snow White and the Seven Dames
Perth Theatre
November 30, 2018
January 5, 2019
Press night
December 1, 2018
Frances Poet
Barrie Hunter
Musical director
Alan Penman
Chris Stuart-Wilson
Becky Minto
Simon Wilkinson
Becky Minto
Ross MacKay (associate director/magic consultant)
Stage manager
Sandra Grieve, Michael Heasman
Production manager
Gavin Johnston
Cast includes
Barrie Hunter, Emma Mullen, Ewan Somers, Helen Logan, Kyle Gardiner, Michael Dylan
Perth Theatre at Horsecross Arts
Running time
2hrs 10mins