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Jack and the Beanstalk review at Grand Opera House, Belfast – ‘spectacular and surprising’

The cast of Jack and the Beanstalk at Grand Opera House, Belfast

It would be a particularly grudging panto-pooper who would deny the pleasure Belfast derives from the annual Christmas glitterfest at the Grand Opera House. This year, however, the fun feels different, simpler, less glitzy, more family friendly.

Incoming director Andrew Wright has opted to turn back the clock to a more traditional presentation of the centuries-old David and Goliath clash. The result is a winning combination of 21st-century stage wizardry with prettily painted and lit scenarios of village life and a delightful line-up of farmyard animals, headed by Belle, the doomed pet cow of the impecunious Trott family.

May McFettridge’s dame has acquired a welcome spring in her step in this new look/olde worlde setting, sending fellow cast members into unscheduled but infectious corpsing fits. The romantic leads do all that is required, while Rikki Jay is an irrepressibly engaging Simon, David Bedella a suitably leering, rich voiced Fleshcreep and Paddy Jenkins up to all kinds of daft antics as McFettridge’s partner in silliness.

Special effects involving an immense, beady-eyed Blunderbore and a helicopter ride to the top of the beanstalk are spectacular and surprising, banishing the stale format of past years from the land of the giants.

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Homespun comedy and pretty presentation substitute for glamour and glitz in this refreshing presentation of a familiar tale

Production Information

Jack and the Beanstalk
Grand Opera House
December 1, 2018
January 13, 2019
Press night
December 5, 2018
Alan McHugh
Andrew Wright
Musical director
Mark Dougherty
Mike Coltman (speciality costumes)
Ian Westbrook/3D Creations
Matt Clutterham
Nick Saga
Le Maitre (pyrotechnics), The Twins FX (visual special effects)
Stage manager
Paul Johnson
Production manager
Matt Jones
Cast includes
May McFettridge, David Bedella, Rikki Jay, Paddy Jenkins, Joanna O’Hare, Georgia Lennon, Michael Pickering
Qdos Entertainment
Running time
2hrs 5mins