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Hunch review at Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh – ‘fun, intensely physical superhero thriller’

Kate Kennedy in Hunch. Photo: The Other Richard Kate Kennedy in Hunch at Assembly Roxy, Edinburgh. Photo: The Other Richard
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It takes a while to get your head around Hunch, Kate Kennedy’s intensely physical solo show about the perils of indecision, but once you do, once everything clicks into place, it’s kind of brilliant.

Hunch, you see, is a superhero. One of a group of superheroes, in fact, that help the inhabitants of the fictional metropolis of Hum make decisions. Should I take my jumper off or not? Should I have sex with this stranger or not? Should I leave my husband or not? Summon a superhero and they’ll tell you.

Kennedy’s jigsaw of a script takes some piecing together, but once you’ve done that, it’s an absolute joy to watch her weave an action movie thriller set in the weird world of Hunch.

She’s wonderfully corporeal, inhabiting different characters with a spin, a rapid slope in her stance, and a quick change of accent. The heroes, villains, and civilians of Hum come bursting into life, as do the family and friends of Una, Hunch’s civilian alter-ego.

Is there a message lurking beneath the multi-roling mayhem? Probably – something about the importance of acting decisively, perhaps – but for the most part, this is just great fun. You’ll enjoy it. But that’s just a hunch.

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Fun, intensely physical superhero thriller from writer and performer Kate Kennedy