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Cazeleon: The Movies in My Mind review at Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh – ‘captivating vocalist and storyteller’

Cazeleon: The Movies in My Mind, Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh Cazeleon: The Movies in My Mind, Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh
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With signature grey-scale make-up and outrageous style Cazeleon cuts quite an unusual figure, even on the fringe cabaret stage. Meticulous contouring presents a mask-like effect, accentuated by a chiselled beard and blood-red lips. There’s a strange sense of old-school glamour about this look, which chimes perfectly with a back-story celebrating the femme fatale of the silver screen.

Cazeleon: The Movies in My Mind sees the winner of the Adelaide Fringe Best Emerging Artist weekly award explore his roots through a series of songs, dance and video.  The loosely woven narrative illustrates a traditional Hollywood fable about a starlet making it big through the machinations of a shady producer. This nifty bit of myth building is accompanied by some quirky song choices from Sonny Bono to Jerry Bock.

Cazeleon has a powerful vocal belt that gives heft to these numbers but ultimately, it’s the styling of the songs that has substance here.  Leslie Bricusse’s Pure Imagination has never sounded more empowering nor Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) more lethal. The storytelling process is a little inconsistent in places and the staging is occasionally off-beat but otherwise this is an eccentric alternative to the average trad-drag fare.


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Captivating vocalist and storyteller let down by a fractured narrative