What Would Cathy Do? review at C Primo, Edinburgh – ‘an exciting monologue ‘

What Would Cathy Do? Photo: Rosie Smith What Would Cathy Do? Photo: Rosie Smith
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A fumbled snatch of music in black-out and the sound of a flickering movie projector, and then Cathy lurches onto the stage. Her red hair is matted and her slightly trashy, age-inappropriate outfit is soiled.

Cathy, however, is a creation, the result of a young actor attempting a method approach to her big break as a drug addict in an upcoming art house movie. Since the script arrived, the actor has immersed herself in the underbelly of Sydney’s drug culture.

The problem is that truth and reality are blurring and before long, the actor is hooked on heroine and has taken to shoplifting from Woolworths to get by. Author Chris Aronsten has created an exciting monologue that never quite lets the audience relax.

Performer Skye Wansey is worryingly believable as the actor assuming the character of Cathy. Quick to curse and seldom still as Cathy, Wansey blends the hungry passion of an actor willing to learn with the frenzy of an addict searching for her next hit.

What Would Cathy Do? is a pithy and emotive piece of writing but it’s also far too slight, running at less than half an hour. Wansey is pitch perfect in the role but it’s barely a showcase for her evident talent.


Meaty monologue that could and should be explored further