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Un Poyo Rojo review at Dancebase, Edinburgh – ‘truly joyful’

Alfonso Baron and Luciano Rosso in Un Poyo Rojo Alfonso Baron and Luciano Rosso in Un Poyo Rojo
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Amid the pheromone fug of a locker room, the macho posturing of two blokes in tiny shorts shades into furtive erotic promise and tightly-choreographed clowning. Un Poyo Rojo is a tour de force takedown of virile peacocking, performed with adroit and irresistible comic timing and charisma by Alfonso Baron and Luciano Rosso. 

The duo – initially clad in matching vests, later in a colour-coordinated combo of athletic gear and kneepads – begin with separate bouts of showboating that comprise homages to Beyonce and Swan Lake, interlaced with vogueing struts and b-boy swaggers. Beady-eyed glances and percussive sniffing accompanies the action.

The intimate impulses that inhere within the sweaty sparring are deftly, and hilariously, drawn out. In-yer-face aggression is poised on the precipitous verge of a kiss, while a wrestling grapple sees the duo jammed together like a pair of grebes in a courtship dance.

An analogue radio provides a shifting soundtrack of adverts, pontificating arts pundits, disco and a thundering symphony against which plays out an expert comic set piece involving cigarettes and crotches. Acrobatic springs and lifts are done with delightful ease to Latin beats, while the denouement’s emotional release – featuring the phallic waft of a radio aerial – is wonderfully sweet.

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Truly joyful, brilliantly funny dance parody of athletic antics in a changing room