Pulled review at C Royale, Edinburgh – ‘struggles to get anywhere fast’

Niamh Moroney and Andrea Bolger in Pulled at C Royale. Photo: Dan McMahon
Niamh Moroney and Andrea Bolger in Pulled at C Royale. Photo: Dan McMahon 
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Amanda and Michelle are hungover as fuck and getting the fear. Holed up together in Amanda's flat, they pick through the whats, wheres and whens of the night before. They dig back through a trail of blurred selfies and smudged-up drawn-on eyebrows to work out if they pulled, and who, and if they might be in need of the morning after pill.

Niamh Moroney writes and co-stars in this not particularly illuminating two-hander about party girls in small-town Ireland. The dialogue has a ring of truth but struggles to get anywhere fast, while the actors stumble and fumble over their lines and seem a bit unsure of themselves.

Moroney and co-star Andrea Bolger have a believable chemistry, and it's always nice to see female friendships on stage, but the characters seem more stuck together than actively fond of each other, and the whole thing feels a bit depressing. A trope in which the audience are the characters' social media followers feels particularly zeitgeisty without adding or saying much.

This late night show about fun-time girls has a few laugh-out-loud moments, but it's hard to shake the feeling the cast are having much more fun than you.

Party girls piecing together last night feels more bleak than madcap late-night fun