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Peter Pan review at Pomegranate Theatre, Chesterfield – ‘Smee steals the show’

Scene for Peter Pan at Pomegranate, Chesterfield Scene for Peter Pan at Pomegranate, Chesterfield

With his razor-sharp ad-libs and genuinely amusing persona, James Percy is the star of this generally pleasing pantomime. He steals the show.

Apart from a brilliant ensemble piece based on the old If I Were Not Upon the Stage routine – that requires precision timing from all concerned – almost all of the show’s comedy comes from Percy’s Smee and the young performer milks it for all he’s worth.

No one else gets much of a look-in. Philip Day’s Dame Able Mabel, for instance, is poorly served by the writers although his hilarious giant mermaid scene is a comic highlight.

There are also some well-executed flying sequences, with Anthony Sahota leading the way as the irrepressible Pan. Stephen Wilson’s sets are imaginative, as are the costumes.

Former Dancing on Ice winner Sam Attwater plays a posh-sounding Captain Hook but offers none of the traditional ruthlessness normally associated with the part. It’s a shame that Lucy Edge’s Wendy gets to sing only one song. She has a marvellous voice and deserves to be heard more.

Richard Cheshire’s show stutters along at times and lacks slickness and pace though it still delivers a pleasant enough couple of hours of family entertainment.

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A patchy but largely enjoyable pantomime enhanced by James Percy’s performance