The Curse of the Mummy review at Just the Tonic, Edinburgh – ‘very little to recommend’

Last Chance Saloon. Photo: Liam Prior Last Chance Saloon. Photo: Liam Prior
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With meta-comedy theatre at its greatest density at Edinburgh in August, it’s inevitable that you are going to wander into a few duds. If you think of the physical complexity of The Thirty-Nine Steps or the brilliant comic timing of anything by Mischief Theatre, then you couldn’t be further away from what the Last Chance Saloon are up to with The Curse of the Mummy.

The puerile script fuses the classic schlock horror story of The Mummy with Indiana Jones and, for good measure, throws in a few click-tracks of pop songs to keep the hen parties interested. The three actors deliver their lines with a modicum of theatrical flair, but the improvised asides are badly timed or simply not that funny. The formula for this homespun, schoolboy revue style is so well-worn that the material has to be meticulously honed to succeed.

There appears to have been little attempt to invest in a designer or possibly even in rehearsals for this production, which presumably survives rather precariously on the charm of its cast. Jack Gogarty is mildly amusing as a flamboyantly gay Nazi but other than this and a camel costume joke, there’s very little to recommend this show.

Purple nonsense devalued by a pedestrian script and unimaginative performances