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Cinderella on Ice review at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London – ‘lavish and fast-paced’

Yahor Maistrou and Liubov Bakirova in Cinderella on Ice at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland, London

In the Winter Palace Theatre, a Russian-inspired space at Hyde Park’s Winter Wonderland, Cinderella is taking to the ice.

Running at under an hour and packed with tricks and special effects, this new festive show from the Imperial Ice Stars is perfect for a young audience. The opening village scene is full of daring lifts and dizzying spins; with a couple of near misses, it certainly grabs the attention.

The story continues apace as the invitations for the ball arrive and Cinderella’s is whipped away by her Cruella de Vil-style stepmother.

Floating through a sea of dry ice Cinderella’s fairy godmother (Irina Tegina) comes to the rescue on a pair of ice stilts. Watching her glide and spin across the rink in this way is remarkable and terrifying in equal measure. This is a show that delights in spectacle with aerial silks, fire poi and a shower of rain are among the special effects deployed to add a touch of fairytale magic.

Cinderella on Ice at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, London
Cinderella on Ice at Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, London

It’s not all just crowd-pleasing tricks, however, the choreography is detailed, the whirling patterns within the ensemble sections entrancing and the whole cast skate with elegance and clarity. The two stepsisters attack their speedy and complex duets with style and Cinderella is smooth and expressive.

While the practicalities of putting on a skating boot make the glass slipper scene a little clumsy, the final duet between Liubov Bakirova’s Cinderella and Yahor Maistrou’s Prince is fittingly sweet and charming.


A fast-paced and lavishly costumed ice skating show ideal for a family audience


Cinderella on Ice
Winter Palace Theatre, Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
November 17, 2017
January 1, 2018
Press night
November 22, 2017
Tim Duncan, Edward Barnwell
Artistic director
Tony Mercer
Tony Mercer
Harry Tabner
Christopher Tongue
Cast includes
Liubov Bakirova, Yahor Maistrou, Irina Tegina, Irina Boyarintseva, Alina Maksimova and Olga Rodygina
Imperial Ice Stars
Running time