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Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here review at Zoo, Edinburgh – ‘unsettling and intriguingly disruptive’

Barrel Organ's Anyone's Guess How We Got Here. Photo: Joe Twigg

The third show from Barrel Organ, the company behind Nothing and Some People Talk about Violence, sees its work evolving in intriguing ways.

There’s a disruptive Lynchian quality to this new piece, Anyone’s Guess How We Got Here. It begins with two women in a car, heading to some unspecified location. They re-enact the last scene of Thelma and Louise: that final drive, the fade to white. They do this in amusing detail, but it leaves us with an image of a chasm, a pit into which we can plunge.

This is a story of self-haunting and the devastation of debt. Bryony Davies and Rosie Gray perform with a hesitant, natural rhythm, exploring and enjoying the spaces between their words. Then at a midway point they appear to swap roles, adding to the sense of destabilisation.

Co-directed by Joe Boylan and Dan Hutton, Anyone’s Guess How We Got Her has a slippery, unsettling atmosphere, something enhanced considerably by Kieran Lucas’ ominous soundscape. The imagery is intentionally opaque, but it’s shot through with a sense of desperation – and anger, at the great big fucking mess we’re in and the ease with which people can slip through the cracks in the system and can fall into holes.

The final playful image punctures the mood a little but there’s a real sense of a company testing itself and giving itself permission to grow.

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Barrel Organ returns with an unsettling and intriguingly disruptive show