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The Wedding Reception review at George Hotel, Edinburgh – ‘riotous’

The cast of The Wedding Reception. The cast of The Wedding Reception
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It’s no longer enough to simply engage in a piece of immersive theatre, audiences are expecting a three-course meal too. At least, that’s the motivation behind the ticket price for The Wedding Reception, the latest offering from the team who created Faulty Towers: the Dining Experience. Intellectual property notwithstanding, this catered affair has a far more universal appeal, a greater opportunity for guests to join in and there is no shortage of laughs on the menu.

The set up is pretty straightforward. Kate and Will can’t really afford a big flashy wedding, so they are tying the knot in a registry office in town. Unbeknown to them, Kate’s parents have organised a surprise reception incorporating the services of a freshman wedding planner, who has promised that Elton John will appear to perform a set. The chaotic antics that occur once Kate and Will arrive are smartly scripted, although improvisation is a key tool that each of the four actors excel at.

Weddings invariably throw a bunch of strangers together and this is where art really mirrors life. Immersed in the event, guests are thanked for their attendance, served a meal and witness episodes of dad-dancing, awkward speeches and painfully embarrassing in-laws. 

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Riotous immersive theatre that captures the mood perfectly