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Foiled review at Ruby Rouge Hair Salon, Edinburgh – ‘the perfect comedy’

Stephanie Siadatan and Dominic Morgan in Foiled at Ruby Rouge Hair Salon, Edinburgh. Photo: Alex Brenner

This new, site-specific comedy from Beth Granville and David Charles takes place in a hair salon on Edinburgh’s Clerk Street. It’s a first-time venue but Foiled settles in perfectly amid the heated rollers and back copies of OK! magazine. Tanisha is a conscientious stylist with ambitions to run her own mobile business but Sabrina, her boss at Bleach for the Stars is far less forward thinking. The arrival of a customer clutching a Groupon voucher threatens to completely ruin Sabrina’s day but he is an actor and this could be the start of something big.

Whether it’s the setting or simply the lotion fumes, Foiled is the perfect comedy, verging audaciously on farce. The characters are thoughtfully constructed and the script features some rather beautiful, intimate moments amid the mayhem. Co-author Granville is hideously accurate as the chaotic boss Sabrina, dropping malapropisms at every turn yet remaining thoroughly believable.

For all the madcap comedy, Stephanie Siadatan as Tanisha and Dominic Morgan as Richie find the truth in their respective characters and lend an astute sense of realism to the play. As modest as the audiences might be for this new comedy, the production is eminently transferable and guaranteed to raise the profile of any host salon.

Wholly satisfying site-specific light comedy, tightly scripted and perfectly cast

Production Information

Ruby Rouge Hair Salon
August 5, 2016
August 29, 2016
Beth Granville, David Charles
Tom O'Brien
Libby Todd
Cast includes
Beth Granville, Stephanie Siadatan, Dominic Morgan
Running time