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Buzz – A New Musical review, Greenside, Edinburgh – ‘filthy and funny’

Buzz – A New Musical by Robyn Grant and James Ringer-Beck

Much to her surprise, Angie finds herself dumped by her wastrel boyfriend Mark so that he can concentrate on his rock band. Turning to her urban family for advice, she is introduced to Ann Summers and a whole new world of self-reliance opens up before her.

Buzz is a new musical comedy from Robyn Grant and composer James Ringer-Beck, that explores the social history of the female orgasm and the creation of the vibrator. The comedy is bold and blue and the music favours a revue style, interrupting many of the contemporary scenes with historical asides.

The performers are full of energy and give it their all, which almost makes up for the fact that the songs generally lack distinction. Music-hall rhythms and repetitions are the mainstay, matching the dynamic of Taylor Danson’s frenzied direction but lacking the necessary variety. This is a shame, as with a little more care, Buzz could be a real winner.

The performances vary in quality and while there were no stand-out vocalists in the company, at least the music was live. Despite its sophomoric sense of humour, Buzz has a valid social message and Angie’s journey of self-discovery unfolds with plenty of heart.

Filthy, funny musical that needs to give its score as much attention as its comedy

Production Information

Buzz – A New Musical
Greenside, Infirmary Street
August 5, 2016
August 27, 2016
James Ringer-Beck
Robyn Grant
Taylor Danson
Musical director
James Ringer-Beck
Allie Munro
Cast includes
Taylor Danson, Allie Munro, Robyn Grant, Joel Locke-Foster, Aidan Napier, Rosie Raven, James Ringer-Beck, Katie Wells
Fat Rascal Theatre
Running time