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Weekend Rockstars

Weekend Rockstars at Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh

Middle Child’s Weekend Rockstars aims for, and hits, that sweet spot between gig and theatre. The room reverberates with late night energy.  It’s a cocky, noisy swaggering sort of show, but it’s also unexpectedly, genuinely moving – catching you off guard, taking hold of you and twisting.

Terry is the kind of guy who lives for the high of Saturday night, but his world – and his week – starts to unravel when he discovers his girlfriend is heading to university and he may have done something unwise to a cat which belongs to his dealer’s daughter.

The Hull-based company of talented actor-musicians mix song and storytelling, playing their instruments – guitars, of course, but also a cello – in front of a series of black and white pre-filmed images, which further enhance the story-telling.

As in Chapel Street, Luke Barnes knows how to drive a story forwards; he knows how to punctuate the writing’s mouthy, surging energy, its druggy fug, with moments of tenderness, and Marc Graham is a confident frontman.

There’s a rawness to the piece, true, but they absolutely use it to their advantage, and while the narrative is in no way an unfamiliar one, the music and the means of its telling kicks the piece up to another level.

An energetic, elevating mixture of gig and theatre

Production Information

Underbelly Cowgate
August 6, 2015
August 31, 2015
Luke Barnes
James Frewer
Paul Smith
Hannah Sibai (set, projections)
Cast includes
Alice Beaumont, Marc Graham, Laurie Jamieson, Jess Morley, Anna Wilson
Middle Child
Running time